Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thai Food :)

Thailand is where I have spent a quarter of 2013 in total! If you'd like a very raw insight into how I felt being a Vegetarian in Thailand, please see my other blog: and scroll down about 4/5 of the way!

However, my second trip, last December, was slightly more fruitful in terms of vegetarian options :)

Thais don't have a specific word for 'vegetarian', the closest term is 'jay' which means that the meal has no animal products in it at all. For example, if you say 'Pad Thai Jay, ka' that will translate as "Please can I have an animal-free Pad Thai?". When I tried adding 'jay' to favourite Thai meals, like Thai Red Curry and Pad Thai, however, people refused to make them because either they didn't know how to - without using things like fish sauce - or maybe they just didn't want to!?

The best meal(s) that I had, while I was staying on Koh Samui, were on Christmas Day. We ate at a wonderful restaurant on the South West side of the island, called Sunset View, which had a vegetarian set menu! Hallelujah!

In traditional Thai style, there were a lot of dishes on the table at the same time (instead of the Western tradition of having a starter, followed by a main, followed by a dessert). So I had a Red Curry with Tofu....

..."No Name"...which were deep fried vegetable nuggets, with sweet chilli sauce...

...mixed sweet and sour vegetables in what is very likely to be an oyster sauce (but I'm a little bit of an oyster sauce lover, so I let that slip...)...

....another Thai Curry, which was strongly flavoured with Holy Basil, a very aniseed-heavy herb, and had grapes in it too!...

...and a beautiful Thai Green Curry, with Tofu. The balance of sweet and heat was perfect! 

These were all accompanied with steamed rice, and for dessert we had deep fried bananas!

I'm so glad to be proven wrong about finding vegetarian food in Thailand, however, this is the only place that I have found to accommodate more than one option, let alone having a set if you are thinking about travelling to Thailand any time soon, maybe take a leaf from my book and put on a stone in weight before you fly! 

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