Sunday, 13 October 2013

Spiced up Cottage Cheese Jacket Potato

When the weather turns cold, and you've had a long chilly day in the library, what is better than sticking a potato in the oven to crisp up, while you have a relaxing bath? :)

To keep on the healthy theme, I have onion + chive cottage cheese as my main filling. But to make things more interesting, adding a big spoonful of Olive and Sundried Tomato pasta sauce on the side make a lot of difference.

Cheeky tip, don't pile these cold fillings onto or into your potato, this will cool it down pretty fast. To keep it warm and toasty, add the fillings to the fork as you go :)


A side salad of tomato, lettuce, sweet peppers and cucumber, with a simple dressing of Red Palm Fruit Oil - which has extra vitamins, antioxodants and omega oils - and balsamic vinegar, is tangy and quick to make.

Et voila, bon appetit mon amis :) 

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