Sunday, 13 October 2013

Slightly more interesting Soup

I'm sure that there are thousands of students up and down the country who snaffle a can of tomato soup for a quick, hot, lunch, every day.

But to jazz up a can of, what is likely to be, 30p own-brand Tomato soup, here's an easy trick which makes the world of difference.

I like to add a generous spoon of Le Roule. It is a creamy, soft, garlic and herb cheese, originally from France. I bought this, generously sized pack, for £1.00!

Also, for a B12 vitamin boost for us non-meat-eaters, make up some buttery Marmite-covered toast. Yeast Extract or Vegemite will probably be just as good :)

Trust me, adding a spoon of this soft cheese will transform your lunchtime! :) 

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