Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Quorn Chicken Curry

Tonight I'm making another British favourite, curry!

I have cheated a little bit here and bought some Tikka Masala Paste in a jar, rather than making a sauce from scratch. But a jar of paste goes much further than buying one jar of ready made sauce per curry.

I put a small portion of Easy Cook Brown Rice into boiling water to cook for 30 minutes. I chose brown rice over white rice because it's much healthier - and I need to keep up to the standards that I've set myself with this blog! :D

Half a chopped onion and two big fat cloves of chopped garlic were left to 'sweat' in sunflower oil over a low heat. If the heat is too high then the garlic will burn - because of the natural sugars it has - and the onion will brown up way too quickly. Sweating them down also makes the kitchen smell delicious so you might have some very interested housemates hanging around the hob.

Next I tipped a portion of Quorn Chicken into a bowl - to see how much I would need to cook - and then added it to the onion mix, quickly followed by generous shakes of Cumin Powder, for extra curry flavour. 

After about three minutes of frying this mix I added two generous tablespoons of the Tikka Masala and left it to fry under a lid for another five minutes. This is to add as much flavour as possible to the Quorn.

One and a half tins of plum tomatoes will add all of the juicy tastiness that you expect from a curry :)

 I chopped and added half a green, red and yellow pepper, and half a cup of water to the mix. To reduce the curry down from way-too-watery to thick-and-yummy, leave the lid off on a medium/high simmer.

In this little interlude I played some Johnny Flynn tracks on YouTube and tidied up the kitchen ;D

I did my little heat-up-the-bowl-with-the-boiled-water-trick, drained and dried the bowl, filled it mostly with rice, topped it with curry and added a spoon of Mango Chutney for extra flavour.
बॉन एपेतीत
bon appetit :) 

Please leave any comments or questions below, much appreciated! 

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