Tuesday, 1 October 2013

First Day of Term - £1.33 lunch

Hello :) Welcome to my new blog all about meat-free food, eating on the cheap and being healthy.

Today is my first day back at University and I'm off to a good start - culinarily at least!

Eating on the Cheap 101: pack your own lunch box!

It involves waking up maybe 10 minutes earlier than you normally do, you lazy student you, but it is worth it in the long run. Packing a lunch box is way cheaper than buying food on or around campus. That £3 Meal Deal isn't much of a deal if you're doing it 5 days a week, £15 on lunches? My whole food shop this week was £25! So here is a cheap, easy vegetarian lunch that you can copy, edit and re-arrange to your own tastes. 

Snacks are SO important to keep you going, especially if you're dedicating yourself to a day in the library. Walnuts are reportedly a good energy booster, and are full of Vitamin E and omega-3 (which is good for vegetarians who can't get this from other foods, like fish). I bought a big bag of raisins just because they reminded me of lunches when I was much smaller, but they also provide sweetness on the cheap. An apple and a satsuma are going towards my 5 a Day and if at 4pm I'm craving a treat with a cup of tea, these knock-off Yoghurt Fruit Bars will be cheaper than a chocolate bar. 

The staple carbohydrate of my lunch is two pitta breads (warmed up in the toaster before being turned into sandwiches - it makes it easier to open them up this way!). I filled them with supermarket brand Soft Cream Cheese, a spreading of Tomato and Olive Stir Through Pasta sauce, for a flavour boost, and topped it with two big lettuce leaves. There's no need to use butter or margarine, they seem to stay moist enough without making the bread soggy, which is another saving!

After making my lunch, which cost about £1.33, I warmed up some thick honey in the microwave for 20 seconds, poured it over four supermarket-brand Wheat Biscuits with lots of cold semi-skimmed milk to finish it off. Yummy, filling and cheap! 

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